Subway Complaint

Dear Subway.

I visit one of your establishments every Tuesday. My favourite filling is the Meatball Marinara so I usually visit when Meatball is the Sub-of-the-Day offer. It just seems the perfect time for me to visit.

I always ask that the sandwich preparation team cut my meatballs in half. This is due to an unfortunate incident a few years ago when, one lunch time, I lifted a sandwich towards my mouth to take a bite, and due to the downward angle at the further-away end, the spherical meatballs rolled out onto the floor. The foot-long bread seemed to act like a big tube while the meatballs, being spherical, took advantage of this chute and made a hasty exit downwards. I don’t blame the meatballs for this but, after aiding the meatballs in their hasty exit, I am now very wary of gravity.

Today, Tuesday 2nd November, I bought my usual Meatball Sub. I asked the preparation team to, as usual, slice my meatballs in half to prevent accidental rolling. (I am, after all, looking to eat them, not recreate a miniature scene from Indiana Jones with them.) I paid, as usual, swiped my Subcard, as usual, and made my way back to the office bistro to eat.

When back, I took a bite out of the sub and my teeth found what is best described as an incredibly solid object hiding in the sandwich.

Concerned, (as a Meatball Marinara usually only contains soft edible balls of meat and salad of my choosing,), I dissected the footlong sandwich to find out what the object was. I located the hard lump and removed it from the sandwich to examine it. The item I found was, quite possibly, the worlds hardest meatball.

In fact, the term “Meatball” does it an injustice. Calling it a “Stoneball” or a “Meatrock” would more appropriate. I have attached a photo of the Meatrock for your perusal.

I cleaned it and, in order to demonstrate it’s solidity, tapped it onto the table. On hearing the knocking a colleague looked up towards the door, mistaking the meatball noise for a door knocker. It was genuinely solid. I showed it to the colleague. They had initially only heard the knocking noise and on first glance, seeing the brown sphere at my fingertips, he thought it was a conker.

If thrown, a normal meatball wouldn’t do much damage to a person. I can confidently say that, if thrown, the newly discovered Meatrock could EASILY hurt a kitten, or even have a child’s eye out.

Joking aside, it rendered the sandwich inedible and I was unable to finish a footlong meal I paid for. Very disappointing, Subway.

In retrospect, the member of the sandwich preparation team who initially prepared my footlong sandwich did appear to experience trouble when cutting the meatballs in half for me. They seemed to struggle as their knife couldn’t cut it, yet they still included it in my sandwich.

I do worry that if someone other than myself had bitten into the sandwich with more ferocity, a serious injury may have arisen. It is small enough for a person to choke on and genuinely hard enough to break teeth.

I would like someone to get back to me with details of company policy relating to customer complaints, as the standard of the inedible sandwich I received on Tuesday was unacceptable.

I have the meatball safe in my desk at work, should you wish it returned for examination after this issue has been rectified.

Subject: Customer Service Form Confirmation from
Date: Wednesday, 3 November, 2010, 7:48

Dear Craig,

Thank you for contacting SUBWAY® Restaurants. Your feedback is important
to the SUBWAY® brand and your recent inquiry has been forwarded to the
appropriate areas for further review.

The Customer Care Team
SUBWAY® Restaurants
325 Bic Drive
Milford, CT 06461 USA

9 thoughts on “Subway Complaint

  1. I’m very unhappy and will take this case to watchdog if you won’t do something about it. I usily go to subways every morning in Kingston to have breakfast and I use my subcard. I went to a different subways store in Ealing and I got icused of working at a subways store and steeling all costumes points he got very rude to me and said he’s going to deactivate my card and embarrassed me inforont of the shop and he didn’t believe me and didn’t serve me I will be taking things further. he also sheowed my club card on my phone to another lady she was working there and she just agreed. i go to Kingston subways every morning and you can also check with the staff. i will not ever go to subways again!

    **edit from Craig : Is this a real comment? **

  2. I recently visited subway for the ANY sub for $5.00 deal. After having my sandwiches made I made my way to the register to pay. At this time I was informed that one of my subs was the ONLY one not included in the $5.00 deal and I was charged $8.50 for it (which I should have told them what they could do with it). I told them they needed to change their commercials because no where in those or in the store is it posted that there are exclusions to this deal. I then came home and went to their website, by the way there was nothing on there saying there were any exclusions either, to complain. It is VERY apparent that subway does not care. It has been about a week and a half since I contacted them through the website and I have yet to receive any feedback from them. I guess they don’t care if they lose customers or not so they won’t mind if I NEVER go back to subway. I will also discourage everyone I know from eating there.

    **edit from Craig ** – Thanks for sharing!


  3. I have had great subways from the subway in west Ealing, but I am not being racist, but they are Indian, and have no sense of hygien, And every time I go there. They don’t change gloves when they deal with meat, then do handfuls of salad, that is not good health and safety with food, they need training in food health and safety. I got subway today from west Ealing an now my stomach is not right, train yur staff properly or you will lose your best costumers, as I won’t go back to Ealing, you should train your staff to change there gloves when they deal with meat and salad, I have Certs in health and hygien from working in big hotels, train them u properly, as Indians don’t have health and safety, not like we do sorry, re train now! Thank you,

  4. I am absolutely disgusted with subway in valley park Croydon. I consumed food poisoning from there and put in my complaint. At first I had a couple of calls, but now I’ve heard nothing more about the situation. I even e-mailed again, but am now being ignored!!! I was violently sick with food poisoning from subway, valley park Croydon. Believe me, my sister, her partner and I ate nothing else together, only subway, and was very very ill. I am appalled that I’m being ignored… I’m taking this higher, believe me!!!!

  5. Same here, today i went to croydon subway opposite poundshop, 2 indian girl working there and they have no training on health and safety , they are using the same gloves for meat and salad.
    When i told her off, she ignored me and her collegue(a polish/british) girl had to reply to me.
    And the inly thing she could say is that,” it is normal to use the same gloves for meat and salad . And we change only when the next is vegetarians .!!”

    Seriously she think people are dumb , that we should agree that u use the same gloves and keep touching all the salads.

    Lack of training staff.
    Disgusted i left the shop.

    [Question from Craig : You do know I don’t actually own Subway, don’t you? And what is a Polish/British girl? Did she have schizophrenia? Hardly nice to mock someone with mental health problems. You should be ashamed.]

  6. I got a promotion email saying if I spend £3.50 I will recieve 200 points. I purchased a sub and a cookie which came to £3.50 on 22/4/13. I haven’t recieved any extra points as yet.

    [Craig added : I’ll do something about this as soon as you learn to spell receive correctly. You’re on the internet, for goodness sake, and have access to a worldwide dictionary! As for your plight, I genuinely, genuinely don’t care.]

  7. Do not use sub way in Gloucester by Debenhams they have terrible hygiene. They do not change there gloves, and being a vegetarian I expect this to be done.( At least asked). The staff in there dont even no how to refil the sauses, as I asked if they had any more sweet onion sause and she said there was no more when I asked to see the manager he looked about 16 didnt even apologise. Said they would refil it but seemed completely unbothered by me complainin to him. Never ever will go there again.

    [Craig added : I’ve emboldened all your spelling mistakes for you. Now apologise and stop being vegetarian.]

  8. I visted a branch in liverpool with my son and husband i had just started to eat my sub when one of the workers was emptying the bin he used his hand to compress the rubbish right down placing his arm up to his elbow right into the bin, the then went back behind the counter and started serving customers at the till handing out the paper cups for soft drinks i could not believe it he had not even washed his hands my husband asked what was up told him, he said to our son put that down you aint eating that were else have his hands been talk about cross contamination i have sent subway an email in full detail regarding this and have not had a reply not happy at all such a shame as we as a family eat often at subway this will now change

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