Why I Love The Internet

There are 2 types of people on earth; those who understand ironic maths jokes, and those who don’t.

There are also 2 types of people on earth when it comes to the internet; those who don’t like it and those who do.

There are many, many reasons why I love the internet. This is my current favourite:

I’m quite a big fan of Dave Gorman. I find his take on life genuinely amusing. I’ve read his books, I read his blog (link on the right of this blog,) watched his DVDs and I’ve even been on his BBC2 TV show Genius, but I haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing him perform live. So when my mate Paul mentioned online that he had tickets that he wouldn’t be able to use, for Dave’s sold out Lowry show on Thursday 20th October, I got quite giddy.

Provisionally I said I would buy them off him, but I had a question before I committed: Does Dave’s show have an age limit?

I needed to know because I was thinking of taking my son, who is 15. If the age limit was over 16s only, then there was no point in me buying them as I would also be left with tickets I couldn’t use. Whether or not I bought the tickets off Paul hinged on the answer to this question.

I asked Paul, who said he didn’t *think* there was an age limit. I’ve known Paul since I was 4, and I trust him. Even though it is in his best interests to sell the tickets as soon as possible, I know he wouldn’t tell me that my 15 year old son was ok to go if he had seen anything to the contrary. He was just unable to find anywhere that specified age suitability.

I know Paul would have looked at his tickets to check, and he would have probably looked at the venue website too before getting back to me, so as a double check I looked online at Dave’s website. There was nothing on there about an age limit. Then, using the links on Dave’s site, I clicked through and looked at the same show at other venues, and I couldn’t find any other venue that mentioned an age limit either.

So in a final attempt to see if it was worth me buying Pauls tickets, I asked the people of Twitter if anyone could confirm if, in the absence of definite written confirmation, Dave’s show had an age restriction.

I got a reply…

Absolute confirmation that Dave Gormans Powerpoint Presentation is suitable for 15 year olds, from Dave Gorman himself.

This is yet another reason why I love the internet.

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  1. Well Craig, cracking post but I for one am actually quite glad you couldn’t take them in the end – it meant I threw everything at trying get there and JUST made it in time and loved it. You would have loved it too 😉

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