Unpaid Invoice

From: Pinky singh
To: Craig A
Date: 3 Mar 2017
Subject: website related proposal!


I am Digital Marketing consultants at a digital marketing firm that specialize in building an online presence and increasing your business revenue using the marketing strategies below:

1. SEO (Yahoo, Bing, Google rankings)

2. SMO (Social Media Optimization- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

3. Email Marketing

4. Google & Facebook campaign ads

5. Website Development

6. APP Development

7. Content Writing

8. Plus more…

Kindly let me know your Whatsapp/Phone number and Skype ID is the best timing along with time zone to give you a call to discuss more.

I would like to learn more about your business initiatives and see if you would be open to investing into your business to help generate more targeted leads?

Are you available sometime this week for a 10 minute call?

Digital Marketing Consultant

The above is just the text. This is an actual screenshot of the original email:

From: Craig A
To: Pinky Singh
Sent: 3 March 2017
Subject: RE: website related proposal!

Hi….. Pinky,

Thanks for your email suggesting I use you to help build an online presence.

I’ll be honest, your email was full of the most awful, bawdy colours. In fact it was so badly littered with random highlights it made it quite difficult to read.

I wouldn’t be confident that someone who uses that as an introduction email would be competent enough to help with ANYONES online presence in any way. Most people would have seen the shambolic layout of your email and wished something could instantly gouge out their eyes.

I think I have a slight headache after just glancing at it. God knows if anyone has managed to get through the full thing in its entirety. Hopefully most peoples minds would have realised the distress it caused, relented and put their bodies into a self induced coma purely for safety.

Do you do this as a business? Do you get paid to make emails look like this?

Do let me know – I’m intrigued!


From: “Pinky Singh”
To: Craig A
Sent: 9 March 2017
Subject: website related proposal!

Google Forms
Greetings’ of the day,

This is, Online Marketing Consultant

Get your web designing and development jobs done here in India at a minimal price by web experts. We are 40+ employees working round the clock for our overseas clients and if you have any of the following requirement please revert back to us:

We offer a variety of services that can satisfy your needs at affordable cost.

(1) Full SEO package (with plan and activities).
(2) PPC (pay per click).
(3) SMO (Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and MySpace etc.).
(4) Website Development Services
(5) Content Writing Services
(6) Upgrade existing Website
(7) New website for Business

May I know in which Service are you interested in?

If you are interested just reply to this email with your contact details.

Kindly let me know your phone number and Skype ID is the best timing along with time zone to give you a call to discuss more.

Thanks & Regards,
Digital Marketing (Manager)

Note:- We are using these email accounts for marketing strategy. You will get to receive response of your queries related to our services through our Professional Email accounts.

From: Craig A
To: Pinky Singh
Sent: 9 March 2017
Subject: RE: website related proposal!

Hi Pinky.

Thanks for your email.

I can see that you have taken my advice and amended the colour scheme of your emails. This is very appreciated. It makes your emails far easier to read and they now look a lot more professional. Well done!

I also want to take a moment to apologise to you. I might have gone a bit too far when I said about having eyes removed. Sorry about that. The colour scheme on your previous email WAS bad, but not THAT bad. Again, sorry.

As you have obviously taken the advice I gave you, which I think we both agree will help benefit your business, I have attached an invoice for the advisory service I provided.

I request prompt payment within 7 days.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Craig Anderson.

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