Additional words

Dear People,

Stop adding extra words into conversations. You know who you are. Just stop it.

If you’re asking a question about where I got my pen, you don’t need to say, “Question… Where did you get that pen?” Opening a question with “Question…” is unnecessary. As long as what you’re asking me is structured like a question, I will recognise it as a question. I’m good like that. It doesn’t need the one word sentence “Question” at the start. If you keep doing it, I’m going to start replying with “Reply…” or “Amusing anecdote…” before providing the reply or anecdote you’re expecting to receive.

Also, stop putting the word “down” into sentences unnecessarily. If you’re stretching something out onto the floor, you don’t “lie it flat down”. Its just “lie it flat.” When you’re saving something on a computer, it doesn’t get “saved down”, it just gets “saved.” There is no need to add “down” to these things.

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