Email from a PR company

I’m constantly getting emails from PR companies wanting me to promote their 80s-related products on This particular one went a bit awkward.

From: Barry PR
To: Craig @ 80sNostalgia
Subject:80s DVD release

Hi CK!

I’m the publicist for a publishing company in West London, and one of our recently released DVDs would be a brilliant fit for – I’d love to offer a copy for competition or review on the website.

It’s called ############. I’ve attached a press release in this email, if you’d like to see a copy please do just let me know, or put me in touch with the best person to ask.

Many thanks!
Publicity and Marketing Executive

From: Craig @ 80sNostalgia
To: Barry PR
Subject: Re: 80s DVD release

Hi Barry,

Thanks for getting in touch.

That is a superb idea for a DVD, and certainly one I’d be more than happy to promote.

If you like I can run a competition to help promote it, maybe give a copy away, (or as many copies as you’re willing to offer?), but I would certainly like one to review myself, and thank you for the offer!

I can promote it via my site, via Twitter and via Facebook as separates or as one huge competition, whichever you are happiest with.

My postal address is:


Just followed you on Twitter too. Looking forward to having a read!

Absolutely any questions, please let me know.


Then, something odd happened. Maybe I’d been a bit too forward because shortly afterwards, I received this…

From: Barry PR
To: Craig @ 80sNostalgia
Subject:80s DVD release

Uber cheeky. I’m blushing. Doesn’t happen often!

How would that work anyway? Am I supposed to twirl around in front of you while you critique my muscle tone?! Not at all embarrassing then!

Trumpet all you want babe, even I know that’s pretty impressive. You are TINY. Plus, considering muscle weighs more, you’re even smaller than that!

Oh nightmare – you’ll be working as late as me then 🙁 much harder than I’ll be I’d imagine. I’ll have a wine for you. I’ll be working at the pub the next few Saturdays at least thanks to the rugby, but have no plans for Sunday or my surprise Monday off yet, although roast and (hopefully) a pub with an open fire will be involved! What do you have planned?

HA! I totally sympathise darl, can’t bear it. Maybe just tell her that if she can chat that much she’s not working hard enough!

I feel for your legs-be kind to them! xx


Whats all that about? I just want a DVD! Besides, I’m ALWAYS kind to my legs.

I had a think about it. I came to the conclusion that this email was not actually intended for me, but for someone that Barry knows in real life. Acknowledging it, or replying to it, would probably cause embarrassment as it had obviously been sent to the wrong person.

So I decided to reply.

From: Craig @ 80sNostalgia
To: Barry PR
Subject:re: re: 80s DVD release

Hey Barry,

Firstly, thanks for your concern about my legs. I appreciate your advice.

I just want a DVD. really. If twirling around in front of me is part of the deal, feel free. As for critiquing your muscle tone, I’m not sure I’d be up for that.


From: Barry PR
To: Craig @ 80sNostalgia
Subject:re: re: re: 80s DVD release

Hi Craig

Hope you had a great weekend – I think we have a gremlin in the email system as I seem to be receiving emails meant for other people and forwarding them on inadvertently. I’ve just noticed that in my sent items to you is an email that I received from an unknown email address – theres no link so it cant be spam, but do be careful anyway! Obviously just some kind of glitch.

If you receive anything else from me thats either confusing or seems a little odd(!) please do let me know.

Very best

Yes, Barry, it must be a *glitch!

2 thoughts on “Email from a PR company

  1. Thought you might like this reply I received from Iceland CS regarding there were no ‘A’s in my pack of ‘Iceland Mash Potato Alphabet Letters’ last year.

    Can’t find the email I sent to them but to cut a long story short my son’s name is Ashton & I couldn’t spell it out in potato form!

    Dear Mr XXXXXXXX,

    Thank you for your email.

    Thank you for letting us know that the Iceland Mash Potato Alphabet Letters you recently bought from your local store did not contain any of the letter A.

    I have reported this matter directly to our buying team and our supplier. I have also entered all the details onto our system, which we use to monitor closely the performance of each supplier. I assure you that our food technologists will take action if we feel the highest quality standards aren’t being met.

    I can imagine this must have been a little frustrating and I would like to thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention.

    We look forward to seeing you in store again very soon.

    Kind regards

    Michaela Jones
    Iceland Customer Care

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