Advertising Enquiry Part 2

I received another email from the advertising people, suggesting I could advertise, one of my non-profit sites, on their website at a cost of hundreds of pounds. Bar-gain!

If you missed the original emails, please read them first. The email below won’t make much sense unless you know the background.

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Otherwise, proceed down the page and have a read.

From: Web Windows
To: Eat The Treat
Subject: See Eatthetreat in the Saturday Independent Magazine this November – under £240

Hello Eatthetreat,

This Christmas it’s even more important than ever to make sure that Eatthetreat spends its advertising budget attracting the perfect customer and nothing less. I’m so sure that the perfect customer will be found by advertising in the quality supplement magazines with their huge, high earning readerships that I’ll let my offer speak for me:

I have an issue of the Saturday Independent closing for press this week, which will be published on the 19th November. There are a massive 601,000 readers aged between 30 – 50 who are well educated, well paid and internet savvy, so getting their card out to shop online is second nature. I’ve saved the best bit until last too: the rate is now just £238, reduced from a rate card of £625.

You can also build your ad into a campaign over the coming weeks as I have availability in the 26th November and 3rd December issues too. It’ll be really good for business to have Eatthetreat’s advert repeated in one of the best known newspapers in the run up to Christmas!

I’ve just one final extra to add on: we’ll also design a full colour adverts for you, absolutely free of charge.

Surely there’s no good reason not to?!

Kind regards,


From: Craig
To: Charlotte
Subject: re: See Eatthetreat in the Saturday Independent Magazine this November – under £240

Hello again Charlotte!

Thanks so much for emailing again! After last times stalemate on haggling, I feared you wouldn’t get back in touch again. Phew!

Now before I crack on, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know I’ve left the world of haggling behind. It was fun while it lasted, but inevitably reaped no real rewards. After I tried haggling with yourself I also haggled unsuccessfully with the vendor at my local McDonalds for a free cheeseburger, with the lady at the newsagent for a twix, and with post room Josh at work for a stamp. Haggling, it seems, is not really used in modern day mainland UK. You were a great teacher by the way, so please don’t take my unwillingness to haggle personally.

Haggling, in a way, can undervalue a product or service. If you say a service is such-a-price, and I haggle a lesser-price, it could be seen as insulting as the haggler is saying they only think whatever is on sale is worth less. Obviously I appreciate that the service you are offering has a specific value, and wouldn’t really like it if I were trying to sell something and you offered ME less.

So Instead of haggling, which obviously didn’t work too well, I’m prepared to stick to your price, but offer you goods to the equivalent value of your service. Now, before you dismiss my idea, trading has been rife since the early days of mankind, and is still present in many societies INCLUDING mainland UK! This makes it the PERFECT means with which to instigate a deal!

I’ve listed a few things below, along with their value*. If you would like to exchange for any of them, up to the value of your offer, just let me know.

I have…

  • A trophy I won, for being the best Jenga player at work a few years ago. Great sentimental value, hence the price = £100
  • A blackboard cup – it is a cup coated in blackboard paint, supplied WITH chalks, so you can write amusing messages on your cup! Value = £50
  • A sign I made saying “Sorry Pauline, No Food Here!” that I left in my desk when I went away on holiday for a week, because I knew she would raid my desk for food. Genuine sentimental value = £15
  • An owl on a stick – something I originally bought to win a bet, but something I’ve become incredibly attached to. Value = £80
  • A tiny whoopee cushion I won at work, for making is sound as though work colleagues are doing mini trumps. Value £2.00

If you see anything you like from the above list, feel free to let me know and I’ll arrange a swap. If nothing on here takes your fancy and you would prefer my bigger, more in depth list, just let me know and I’ll email one across to you.

Thanks Charlotte! I look forward to a prosperous trade!


*Please be aware though that the value of the goods has not been confirmed by an independent person, but by myself. Everything listed is of deep personal value, and as such may have a hugely inflated price compared to the equal equivalent product on Ebay.

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