Pizza Hut Bad Service

I no longer order delivery pizza from Pizza Hut. They lied to me. There are two things I cannot stand; being ignore and being lied to.

I also don’t order from them because their understanding of “on time” is different to how the rest of the world understands it. If I say I’ll be somewhere “on time” I will be there either AT the time agreed or BEFORE the agreed time. That, to me, is “on time.”

I don’t order pizza often, but when I do feel the pang I used to alternate between ordering from Pizza Hut and Dominos. It seemed only fair. They were two pizza businesses trying to survive in our small town. I know both of them are well known, very commercial businesses, but they are both franchises paid for by the managers. It costs around £150,000 to “buy” a Dominos franchise for example, so alternating which business I gave my custom to seemed the best things to do.

On this occasion it was Pizza Huts turn. I dug out their latest menu, took the requests from my household and gave them a call.

On the front of the new Pizza Hut menu it stated “Hot and On Time – GUARANTEED!” This was great news. I was famished, as were my family, so I was quite reassured to see this guarantee.

I rang at 7.15 and ordered 3 pizzas. After taking my order the girl said it would be here by 8.15.

“An HOUR?!? To make and bring pizza?!?” I exclaimed. Dominos gets to my house within 30 minues, but as I was being fair and alternating between shops, plus as I’d already called and placed my order, I agreed.

So we waited, hungrily, for an hour.

At 8.20, 5 minutes past the “guaranteed” time, nothing had arrived. I didn’t want to be picky and ring them at 8.16, so I waited a full 5 mins. Even with this extra time buffer, nothing arrived. Then I waited a bit more, just to be sure.

At 8.25 I rang Pizza Hut back. I told them that we were still waiting for pizza, and that it was 10 minutes late.

The lady said it would be there “soon.”

“But the menu says ‘Hot and On Time – GUARANTEED!” I pointed out.

“Oh, don’t worry, it will still be hot,” she reassured me.

“It’s not the temperature I’m bothered about. It’s the ‘on time’ thing.” I explained.

“It’ll be there very soon.” she repeated.

“But it isn’t on time. Your menu guarantees it will be on time, and it isn’t.”

She asked me “What time were you told it would be there?”

“8.15 – and it didn’t arrive on time. It’s 8.26 now, and it still hasn’t arrived. It’s late.”

“So it’s only 10 minutes late?” she queried, either not seeming to understand their guarantee or not wanting to acknowledge it.

“It should have arrived 11 minutes ago.” I was becoming angered.

“Well the driver has only just set out, so technically it’s not late yet.”

“…what??” I couldn’t believe she was arguing back. I didn’t care how recently the driver had set out! “ It didn’t get here by the time I was told. It is LATE!”

“It will be there very soon, sir,” she reiterated.

Just then there was a knock at my door. I stomped to the door, phone in hand, and opened it to find a small Spanish man holding out pizza. Pizza had arrived 12 minutes late.

I was absolutely outraged. I took the pizza, thanked the man (I didn’t see this as being his fault,) returned the phone to my ear to find that the Pizza Hut lady had hung up.

At the time it didn’t occur to me how arrogant the phrase “technically it’s not late yet” was. What do you mean “technically”?!? It didn’t arrive at the time I was told it would do. That IS “late”, isn’t it? I’m not sure how else I should interpret “late”.

Technically it arrived AFTER the time I was told. Technically AND literally, AND physically, AND honestly, it WAS late.

Their “guarantee” is not a real guarantee, as if they don’t stick to the promise there is no comeback. No compensation. If the guarantee is not adhered to, they offer nothing as an apology!

Pizza Hut should change their guarantee to:


(*if your pizza does not arrive hot OR on time, it will arrive slightly later and maybe a bit cold. Enjoy! 😉 )

So I no longer order from Pizza Hut because their menus lie, their guarantees mean nothing, their staff have no understanding of simple English phrases like “on time.”

Bad show, Pizza Hut.

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