VUE Cinema Argument

VueI went to watch a film at my local Vue cinema. It amazed me how expensive it is nowadays to watch a film. For 1 ticket, it costs £7.50.

Back in the day, (yes, I am whinging like an old person about how things were better when I was young, but it is the sort of thing I am qualified to talk about,) a cinema ticket at my local cinema cost £1.00.

There MUST be a way of getting a cheaper ticket, I pondered while queuing.

I reached the front of the queue and asked the vendor what the price of a ticket actually entitles me to.

They replied, with typical bluntness, “err… you get to watch a film.”

“You get to WATCH a film?” I asked for confirmation.

Unsure where this unexpected conversation was going, they looked puzzled but nodded slowly.

I asked “If I promise to keep one eye closed, can I have a half price ticket?”

“Noooo…” they slowly spoke, trying to figure out why this would be relevant, “…no, it’s £7.50 to watch a film.”

I continued, “But if I keep one eye closed, and the price is to WATCH a film, it should be half price as I’m only watching it half as much as someone else…. ”

They thought for a moment, and replied “But you’re going to hear all the sounds too, and get a comfy seat.”

Expecting this, I pointed out “But you said that the price of a ticket is to WATCH a film. Anything else is an added extra, and should be free. If I’m only WATCHING half as much, surely I should be CHARGED half as much? I’ll even tape one of my eyes closed if you prefer!”

They said “….but it’s a 3D film. You need both eyes to make it 3D.”

I conceded “…………….ok. you win.”

Damn your mighty fine, accurate logic, Vue.

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