Tasty Frog

When people eat odd meat, they usually say it tastes like chicken.

“I ate some pigeon – it tasted like chicken.”

“I ate guinea pig in Korea – it tasted like chicken!”

“I ate frogs legs in France and THEY tasted like chicken too!!!”

But in the evolutionary line, didn’t amphibians and reptiles come well before feathered or furry animals? I’m pretty sure they came a good few million years before.

In order to establish which creature was the “original” one that all the other animals taste like, you need to group together all the things that taste the same and see which one was first on the evolutionary path.

Amongst the animals that apparently taste like chicken are frog, goose, bat, tarantula, guinea pig, quail and rabbit. There are many many others, I imagine, but this alone is quite a diverse list.

Out of those, the amphibian is easily the eldest type of animal.

So frog CAN’T taste like chicken. Chicken didn’t exist until millions of years after frogs did. Back then, frog was a unique flavour. Frog was the first thing that tasted like that.

So, entirely due to the order that they came into existence, chicken actually tastes like frog.

Enjoy your roast dinner this Sunday.

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