A Scissor

From: Craig Anderson
Sent: 30 May 2010 16:38
To: Brian@*******.co.uk
Subject: Scissor Help

Hi there.

I know this may be a peculiar request, but I’m having a bet with a work colleague in which I could win the contents of their office desk drawer. This may not seem like the most exciting prize, but it is one worth winning purely for their huge box of staples. I have bet them that it is possible to buy “a scissor”, or find a shop that advertises that they sell “a scissor.” I know full well that I am wrong, but I want to win this one partly because it would astound everyone, but mostly because my stapler would never go hungry again.

When I say “a scissor”, I actually mean the 2 blade device. People normally refer to it as a pair of scissors, but I’m trying to convince people that because the 2 blades are attached, and it’s sold as a single item, it should be called a scissor.

I found your site online after Googling “scissor shop” to find you as the top result, so if anyone can help it’s you! You are by far the best chance I have, so if you could possibly help that would be absolutely ace.

All I need is an email back from you just saying that it IS possible to buy “a scissor”, a price for buying a scissor, and a picture of some scissors. If by some fluke of fate is IS possible to buy a two-bladed “scissor”, then a pic of that instead would be perfect.

I hope that makes sense, and if you could help I’d be eternally grateful.

Craig Anderson

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From: Brian Scott [mailto:brian@*******.co.uk]
Sent: 31 May 2010 14:06
To: Craig Anderson
Subject: RE: Scissor Help

a scissor!


Staples, anyone? I have shed-loads.

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