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Why is the English language so inconsistent? I proposed a solution to correct a very small part of it.

From: Craig A
To: Oxford English Dictionary
Subject: A Bit Of Help


Could you do me a favour and switch a couple of pronunciations around please?

The ones I need switched are for Loose and Lose. They need switching because they are obviously currently the wrong way around.

Everyone knows that any word that features two Os has an “OO” sound, so it doesn’t make sense that Lose is pronounced “Looz.”

For the same reason, it also doesn’t make sense that Loose is pronounced without the double O sound, as “Luce.”

So if you could arrange it so that Lose is pronounced “Luce” and Loose is pronounced “Looz”, that would really help.


Craig A.

To: Craig A
Subject: re: A Bit Of Help

Dear Mr Anderson

Thank you for your email to the Oxford English Dictionary regarding the pronunciation of the words ‘loose’ and ‘lose’.

The pronunciations we give reflect how people are actually using the language; the aim of Oxford Dictionaries is to be descriptive, not prescriptive. In other words, when we’re writing an entry we combine our understanding of how the word is used in the language with an analysis of a wide range of resources.

Best wishes
Janette Stevens

That could be to most succinct “I’m not going to entertain you” I’ve ever had.

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