From: Craig Anderson
To: Flair PLC
Subject:Plasticiney Help!

Hi, people from Plasticine.

I need a little help from you. I don’t want money, I don’t want free things, you don’t have to send me any bank details or your mothers maiden name. I’m genuinely not spam, I just need serious advice on plasticine and you are the authority on this topic.

I’ve been set a challenge and I wondered if you would be willing to offer advice on a plasticiney task I’m being faced with.

There was a music video in the 80s, by Lionel Ritchie, for a song entitled Hello. In it, Lionel seemingly sings about his adoration of a blind lady. He sometimes sees her pass outside his door, and he often wonders where she is or what she does. Not in a stalkerish way, I’m sure, but in a romantic one. Anyway, eventually, it turns out that the blind lady had constructed a full scale model of Lionel Ritchie’s head out of clay which, although a little creepy in itself, appeared to be just what Lionel wanted.

I know this is a long shot, but would you happen to know how much Plasticine I’d need if I were to want to construct a duplicate model of Lionel Ritchie’s head? I appreciate this is a strange request, but I’m looking to recreate a few videos from the 80s, and I HAVE to do this one because it is a classic.

I’m afraid I don’t know much about the size of Lionel Ritchie’s bodily components and I don’t even know if it is the sort of thing that would need to be measured by mass, volume or by weight.

Would you happen to know how much would it cost for, like, a Lionel Ritchie head-sized lump of reddy-brown plasticine? Or would you know who I could contact to discuss obtaining so much plasticine in one go?

Any advice would be welcomed.

Craig Anderson.

From: Tracey – Flair PLC
To: Craig Anderson
Subject:re: Plasticiney Help!

Hello Craig, is it Plasticine you’re looking for!

I can see it in your email and I can see it query!

This is a difficult one, I believe it was clay that was used which will have the right texture and colours you need but Plasticine can be a great alternative, unfortunately though we only sell Plasticine in primary colours and not directly to the general public but you may be able to mix the colours.

In your quest you have probably spent hours searching through Google and various websites for the answers, I have found one link for you but it doesn’t specify the amounts you might need. (For I haven’t got a clue!)

I would suggest buying a few 150g to 500g slabs at a time, I can only guess that this is a time consuming exercise and hopefully you will win your challenge. I wish I could be more helpful, I hope you found out the details you need. Good Luck!

kind regards


From: Craig
To: Tracey – Flair PLC
Subject:re: re: re: Plasticiney Help!

Thanks Tracey!

I really appreciate the advice. You seem to understand my problem. You knew just what to say, and you knew just what to do. That’s all I ever wanted…. (do do doodle doooo!)

The 500g slabs sound most likely to be of use. Any idea where sells them? Those really would be a superb starting place.

I had actually seen that page on constructing a Lionel replica, along with a couple of other pages who tried and failed.

In that there are apparently quite a few people looking to recreate the mighty Lionel, why not think about selling Plasticine kits? You could sell a complete “Hello” play set, including a plinth, a blindfold, a replica of Lionels moustache and enough coloured Plasticine to construct a 1/8th sized head. I can guarantee it would be a winner!

(Well, I’d buy it.)

Is that an idea you would consider putting to the team?


From: Tracey – Flair PLC
To: Craig
Subject:re: re: re: re: Plasticiney Help!

Hello Craig,

Great emails!

I have a link below you could try, there are also other alternatives available on the market but I can’t comment on the quality if it isn’t a Flair item.

I am not sure if a “Hello” kit would suit our market but good suggestion, would it include a curly wig also!

Kind regards


A curly wig? I think she’s bonkers!

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