Crisps Suggestion

Hi People of Walkers,

I wrote to you a few years ago asking for you to bring back Roast Beef Monster Munch. They had ceased being made when you purchased Smiths Crisps. You brought back Pickled Onion flavour Monster Munch, but held off bringing Roast Beef flavour out. This upset me and so I wrote to you, appealing for them to be made again.

In the same letter in which I asked about re-releasing Roast Beef flavour, I also asked about making Monster Munch full sized again. When you initially brought them out you only sold them in small, bite-sized versions. If you remember in your reply to me you mentioned that the reason people prefer smaller crisps is because it increases the number of “trips to the mouth” that the hand makes – a phrase that I have since adopted, and used in a few of my crisp-related conversation myself.

Anyway, I received a letter from you a year or so after I wrote to you, saying that Roast Beef Monster Munch were to return to shops. You also mentioned that the size of the individual crisps were to increase back to full size! Both of these pieces of news made my day!

The letter that you sent to me included a few occurrences of the words “thanks”, and so I like to think that the reintroduction of full sized Roast Beef Monster Munch was entirely down to my request – another “fact” I have used in a many crisp-related conversations.

Due to the success of my previous campaign, I write again to you with another appeal.

I would like it if you added a description of a colour to the front of the descriptions for a few more of your crisps.

I think you should change your “Beef” crisps to “Browny Beef,” and your “Prawn Cocktail” crisps to “Pinky Prawn Cocktail” This would not only add a splash of fun to the names, but would bring them in line with your existing Reddy Salted crisps.

I’m hoping that the uptake with my latest idea will be equally as welcomed as when I suggested the return of Monster Munch.

Browny Beef

Greeny Salt and Vinegar

You’ve already done it with Reddy Salted.

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