Heinz Soup Idea

Hi Heinz.

I emailed you a few years ago about something or other, and you were kind enough to offer help. Because of this I wanted to run another idea past you for potential future product or for your constructive criticism.

This idea came about after I tried to make my own soup one time. I decided a nice pork and apple soup would be a thing of greatness, and so I set about arranging cookware and utensils in preparation.

After half an hour of essential prepping, I realised that I had no blender. A blender is a fundamental item when preparing soup. I also had no pan in which to cook it. Or any pork. Or apples.

So, in the words of popular TV chef James Martin, I had to use what I had in.

Like a wizard, and by use of a kettle, I found I could create hot water on demand. After a brief look through my cupboards, I found that I also had small packets of tea leaves.

I cast aside the idea of pork and apple soup and just put a packet of tea leaves into the closest thing I had to a pan, (a cup,) and added the hot water until a runny soup mixture appeared. Initially this tasted a little strong and so I added a little milk too.

You know what? It tasted superb!

I know that “tea leaf and milk soup” may not be the best name, but how about if you branded it “sweet cream of tea leaf soup”? That HAS GOT to be a winner! You could even add a little bit of sugar to take the edge off. I tried doing that too, and it just made it even better!

What do you think? If I worked there, could I be up for “Employee of the month” award?


Dear Mr Anderson

Thank you for getting in touch about your idea sweet cream of tea leaf soup.
As a general policy we do not accept creative proposals from people or agencies we are not already working with. This is not because we think we have a monopoly on good ideas but simply because of the potential difficulties in establishing originality and the ownership of creative ideas.
We have teams of specialists working in product research, development and purchasing, who together with our agencies develop and research creative ideas and concepts to take forward to planning, production, media and communications support were appropriate
As you can imagine, these ideas and concepts go through many stages of analysis before any one is put forward for further exploration.
Our policy is therefore to rely entirely on our own team, when considering new products for Heinz.
Thank you for taking the time to contact us and we hope that you continue to enjoy Heinz varieties.

Kind Regards,


Hi Rebecca,

I completely understand. Ensuring that ideas are original must be tricky nowadays, what with the internet as it is.

And thank you, I will continue to enjoy Heinz soups.

Do you reckon Campbells would be up for it though?


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